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World Final 2015 – Participating Countries

From around the world nations are sending their best amateur kart racers to the Red Bull Ring, Austria in 2015 for the Red Bull Kart Fight World Final.

Are you fast enough?

The Red Bull Kart Fight is the global tournament to determine the fastest amateur kart racer in the World of Red Bull.

National competitions in countries around the planet search for the best racers to represent each nation and those winners then travel to to the Red Bull Ring, Austria in 2015 for the sensational Red Bull Kart Fight World Final. The winner of the World Final is crowned Red Bull Kart Fight World Champion.

Meet the stars!

Participating in the World Final is as close as an amateur racer can get to the feel of being a top international star. A selection of Red Bull’s great athletes will be present to mentor, encourage and coach the finalists, boosting them to produce their very best performance over these 2 intense days of competition where only one will emerge as World Champion.

Your way to the the World Final

It is a long tough road just to get to the World Final. In many countries the entry has been so huge that an exhaustive series of qualification rounds are necessary to find the very best to feature in the National Final. Those qualification rounds and finals are taking place throughout the year. The nations featured can be found on the world map and the reports, photos and videos of the completed finals are posted on the home page.

Information on how to enter in your country can be found in the Red Bull Kart Fight FAQs.

Sorry – amateurs only!

The Red Bull Kart Fight is for amateur racers and is an end in itself. It is the greatest challenge for the amateur kart racer and is specifically created for those who love kart racing at amateur level and yearn to match their skills against the best amateur karters from around the globe. While Red Bull Kart Fight is not an entry into a career as a Red Bull motorsports athlete it is the pinnacle of amateur kart sport.

For any other questions please view our FAQs.

Red Bull Kart Fight FAQ’s