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Follow the detour to your desktop

If you want to play the Red Bull Kart Figter 3 Minigame you have to fire up your desktop computer. Meanwhile you may downloading the app to start playing Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 while on the road.

Play the Kart Fighter 3 Minigame

Race head-to-head with some of the best kart-drivers around!

Jump over dinosaur eggs, giant space-mice, and try to avoid slipping on muddy terrain and oil slicks to beat your opponent to the finish line, where you’ll leap into your kart and speed off into the sunset. What’s more, beat enough opponents and unlock a free “Fast Start” upgrade for Red Bull Kart Fighter 3: Unbeaten Tracks, giving you the edge over the other racers.

Challenge your friends and rise up the leader boards to grab ultimate glory in Dash to Victory!

Get the Kart Fighter 3 App

Download the #1 top free racing game in over 25 countries and race amazing locations with even-crazier karts.

  • Select one of 5 different kart types
  • Pimp your Kart in the workshop
  • 7 different settings such as California Drifting, Puddle of Peace and Games Expo
  • 40 ultra exciting tracks
  • Lots of jumps, drifts and other exciting ways to show off
  • Challenge your friends and show them how to race
  • Use the daily free spin to check out locked tracks and karts
  • Get the App now!